making day 13.10.2018


making day 07.04.2018


For this making day I set up two stations. The first one is the portraits where I have used the surfaces prepared as described in the post below. The idea was to work fast with as less brushstrokes as possible, between the intervals of waiting soap to melt and dry.

preparation for making day



In order to create further links and associations with the main body of work where i use dirt and soap, I printed photos of the diamond shaped soaps and did some colour theory to be applied on the portraits. Also, instead of canvas, I used kitchen sponges/clothes which I have treated to prepare surfaces in order to apply paint on them.

experimentation on portraits



Working on portraits of people attending the Ioannou Foundation started as a secondary practice to the main practice on working with soap and dirt. While waiting for the soap to melt and then dry, I worked on small scale portraits. however, I though that this might be further developed and more directly associated with the main practice of soap making. So in an attempt to develop my technique I worked on bigger scale, for getting bigger more expressive brushstrokes.  The two portraits above are oil and acrylic paint on canvas, approx. 70 x 90 cm