From gypsum to silicone mould


Baby form out of soap and dirt


My general research relates to the components of the land of Cyprus, interpreted as carriers of memories, as time capsules.  I use objects and materials as archives of human experience and existence. Currently, I am exploring dust as another kind of landscape, created out of human body parts such as cells and hair. I research dusting as a reference to the elimination of a timeline and as a process to reverse or disturb the life circle. Forms of objects (made out of dust and cleaning products) associated with social and economic status and with camouflaging reality by creating a facade, are used as the medium in representing the obsession on cleanliness.

The sculpture of a baby made out of soap and dust,  invites the viewer at a first level to assess the quantities of detergents and cleaning products they use trying to eliminate dust and kill bacteria, and whether the overuse of such products leads to the killing of healthy bacteria, making humans more vulnerable instead of creating a protective shield. In conjunction with the myth of Achilles’s heel, the work may be interpreted as humans’ constant fight against mortality. The dust, as direct and metaphorical reference to human decay,  cannot be eliminated by soap, invites the viewers to re-assess their every day priorities and attempt to eliminate what each of them consider as superfluous.