Making day  – 29/10/2016 – Using the pens I tried to create lines on thin layers of clay. They look a bit too controlled and I am not sure how they can be presented as one work. I will come back to this technique, but at this stage I think that the pens can have a better use with ink


The crushed almonds’ hulls have been collected from sites where almonds are crushed to separate the hull from the almond crumb. By exploring the form of the almond I am examining the ideas of trade, exchange of products, exchange of ideas between nations, shipping routes, maritime maps/ the almond as a trading commodity since ancient times

Charcoal sketches/ interconnecting lines/ maritime trade routes

Shipwreck museum, Iron Age shipwreck, the Kyrenia Ship, dated 300 BC, interior view of Kyrenia Castle, Girne, northern Cyprus (2010) / images from (accessed 10.05.2017)

The ship wreck of Kyrenia as she is displayed in the Kyrenia Museum. The original clay containers carrying a variety of products including almonds