In my previous solo show I used the land as the medium. Most of the works were made of materials that had been eroded by land, either in a natural way or through the process of immersion in the land. During this process I have collected a few almonds that have fallen off the trees. I found this photo quite interesting and because I could not think of a way to include it in that show I kept it aside. I am returning to this photo as my starting point for the next series of work. Having the almond as the reference, my intention is to explore the idea of regeneration, of rituals and symbolism that are connected to the almonds. Almonds have been cultivated in Cyprus since the ancient times, in this respect almonds can be considered as time line reference. A link that I also wish to make is with the shipwreck that was found near Kyrenia, Cyprus in 1967 (estimated to have sank in 300BC), which carried containers with almonds, some of which are on display at the local museum.

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