cleaning with painted cloths


dust project overview

Before continuing with resolving or rejecting up to now experimentation and continuing with further experimentation, I thought of putting everything together, as a mini map, of how this project has evolved up to this stage

  1. use of soap, dirt and mirror, development of the experiment with the mirror tray, from a wall installation to a free standing installation, creation of a rectangular sink for the soaps to be placed on, moving away from framing, soap to be placed in a more realistic/easily recognizable environment


2. portraits on washing sponges, again moving away from framing, a pile of sponges could be placed in a row (as found in supermarkets or at home), top sheet to be the portrait, thought of using larger pieces of sponges but this might crate emphasis on the portrait and not the sponges (being the material under experimentation)

3. the soap marble floor, although aesthetically looks ok, I am not sure yet how it fits to the overall concept, need to do some more thinking on this, but i do not reject it at this stage

4. some new experimentation relates to cloth made out of dust, still in the process of resolving this,

5. further experimentation on using soap/detergent to make detergent containers, initial experiments did not work very well, this one is the most successful up to now,

6. trying to eliminate dust/kill all bacteria, dust as human decay, fight against mortality, Achilles’s heel, cannot be immortal, baby form soap hanged from heel, ready to be placed in detergent, will start experimenting on this in the next few days, initial experimentation was how to make the soap look wet

7. Overuse of spraying detergent, creating illnesses instead of just killing the bacteria, lung shapes out of dust on dust floor used cloths, have not resolved this yet but I liked the pattern which can be used in repetition, look better when against light