testing boundaries 4 – Anika Yi / Guggenheim NY exhibition April 2017



https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-anicka-yis-new-guggenheim-art-smells-crawls (accessed 13.01.2018)

extract for the website above

… Force Majeure, for which Yi has constructed a large room behind glass, somewhere between a bathhouse and a hospital clinic. The space’s walls and floor are covered in white tiles that have been turned into a breeding ground for various bacteria, which—fed on agar and allowed to sprawl and evolve—turn each tile into unpredictable abstract paintings. Each berry-bright smear or stain has its own gross allure.

“We sequenced the bacteria, and selected certain ones for their aesthetic quality,” Yi says. “As our nutritional biologist would tell you, each bacteria has a color, and that color has a function. There’s a reason for that purple in a purple bacteria.” …


testing boundaries 3 – natural prevention of bacteria

(accessed 06.01.2018)

Came across this video on FB about use of indigo in Japan (dates back in the 1600s) as a means of natural prevention of bacteria. Reminded me of the use of 17th century France / cleanliness meant how frequent they changed their linen shirt / believed linen pulled dirt as magnet.