testing boundaries – 1


Art group “Soap”, St. Peterbourg,                                                                                  http://annanova-gallery.ru/en/artists/projects/project/Ottorzhenie/


Key words to consider for this project:

  • exhibition site
  • audience engagement
  • new work shown in different context

The idea around the cleanliness project started with what the students of the Ioannou Foundation do  during daytime: separating kitchen sponges and clothes based on colour shape and then labeling them. So I thought of this new project where I will use the actual cleaning materials (kitchen clothes and sponges,  detergents, washing powders, soap) and dirt (thinking of the opposite) as the medium of my work, approaching the idea of cleanliness from a sociological point of view.

Cleanliness as a virtue / cleanliness next to godliness / a competition as to who is the cleanest, whose “image” looks to be the leanest vs to “internal” cleanliness / cleanliness as a camouflage of real self .

An initial thought  for this project is to use the conference room of my law office as the exhibition site. Mainly I deal with clients that they wish to register a company in Cyprus, seeking advise on prospective investments etc, mainly dealing with financial issues.  Usually in law offices you expect to enter a conference room with wall to ceiling bookcases, paintings of landscapes or images referencing justice or classical Greece and Rome. The idea is to create an installation in the room with small scale works – some initial thoughts are:

  • use soap – the smell as part of the work
  • use of other cleaning materials
  • use of dirt
  • portraits of the students of the foundation, not sure yet of this idea, maybe too literal.




James Bridle talk

A talk by James Bridle on 2nd December, Limassol on issues of citizenship.

( http://jamesbridle.com/ accessed 03.12.2017)

  • implications of technological acceleration and opacity in everyday life
  • amount of info contained online – researching the information and amendments contained online behind Wikipedia’s article on Iraq War,  the artist put together all this information in 12 volumes – we just see a web page but there is actually all this information behind it.
  • the use of drones by governments/army – big in size however because of the height they fly they are not visible by naked eye
  • citizen ex: a project examining what an individuals citizenship might look like if it was determined by the online behaviour
  • algorithmic citizenship  vs. citizenship based on space or ancestors
  • artist’s research on Cyprus: following economic crisis of last years the parliament passed a law providing for foreigners to invest in Cyprus and be granted a Cyprus/European passport. Citizenship as a commodity. This affects the local community / landscaping, architecture changes / prices rise based on the big property developments