making continued

portraits nearly finished – waiting for the oil paints to dry – once they dry will add some lighter colurs on the faces and fix some of the background colours as well


intersections and articulations : part 3

Study (Blue) for 'Floor' 1992 by Rachel Whiteread born 1963

Work by Rachel Whiteread, “Study (Blue) for Floor”, 1992

The approach of the InSite Arts organisations resembles the testing boundaries task for this year of the MA:  the creation of a new work to be exhibited in a public space. As mentioned in this audio file, in a commission scenario the artist must have the freedom to research and present a proposal for a piece of work that will  have references from the installation space as a well as the greater space that this space is situated. Immediately this gives the artist a direction and guidance as to their research. At the same time this gives many possibilities for the final work. Commissions may be good opportunities for artists to develop several ideas that they might not have developed otherwise because of restrictions relating to space and funding.  When it comes to installation the technicians will need clear instructions and supervision and coordination, especially when you have several disciplines involves (builders, carpenters, electricians) – as the architect guides them for the building construction, similarly the artist must act for the preparation of the space for the installation.  The artist should also take into account the materials and specifics of the construction.  Similarly to the contextual reference of the work to the space and greater location, the aesthetic and visual parameters should also be researched.

Reflecting on the video on Rachel Whiteread, it is interesting to see how the combination of the exploration of what seems as a simple idea with a memory or thought at the back of your mind can develop into a a project. Also the fact that the artist collects, records ideas, draws, makes sketches, makes sculptures create a database of information that can be further researched and developed.

making day 07.04.2018



Second station of this making day was the soap making. Some of the diamond shaped soaps looked like made out of marble. So I thought of experimenting further on this idea of using shapes/materials which are considered to have a reference to significance /importance /social status and make objects out of dirt and soap to resemble them. I managed to make to pieces of dirt and soap approx 30 x 40 x 2 cm. As a first experiment they worked out ok however I will need to be more careful on their sides so that they are cut straight. Also I think that I have put too much dirt, so in the next experiments I will use less dirt to see how that will work. In terms of presentation, i am thinking of creating a few pieces so that they can be placed on the floor to resemble a marble floor.