img_1697-copyMaking day – 29/10/2016 – While pressing the hulls against clay I saw that clay filled the inner part of the hulls, so I thought of using them as molds – no need to separate them as the hulls will be burned once in the kiln


Making day – 29/10/2016 – Tried to create more abstract patterns by pressing almonds against clay. Several pieces work individually, but I need to resolve the way all of them are blended together – the way I worked created edges on some pieces which I will try to eliminate. The idea is that the pieces of almond hulls on the clay will be burned once clay is fired in the kiln.

The crushed almonds’ hulls have been collected from sites where almonds are crushed to separate the hull from the almond crumb. By exploring the form of the almond I am examining the ideas of trade, exchange of products, exchange of ideas between nations, shipping routes, maritime maps/ the almond as a trading commodity since ancient times

Charcoal sketches/ interconnecting lines/ maritime trade routes