Exploratory project / Week 11

Thoughts on Exploratory project

For this task I continued working on my current research and tried to apply new methods and explore different areas on what I have been working on up to this stage.
Sketching: As a first step I worked on my sketch work on a small scale. Then I started working on big scale initial in order to be able to see in practice how this could be realized (sometimes something that works on a small scale does not necessarily work when you go bigger). After a few unsuccessful attempts I thought of changing my initial approach and experiment on a small scale again (going from 150×150 to 30×40) and also using colour. So as a first step I made a few sketches trying out several techniques and ideas and then went back again to big scale.

Further exploration: Another diversification that I wished to attempt is to use a bit of science in my work, in terms of trying to “solidify” the coloured water that I got from soaking almonds. Working with liquids can be quite challenging but I will attempt a few experiments to see how that would work – did not actually work. Also another area that I will attempt to explore is to crush almond hulls and shells and then separate the different components, going from dust to bigger pieces. Also I used the ink pens to produce works with oil paints (reference to CY Towbly and Gerhard Richter).
Through these processes I intended to explore the various ways that the almond hulls and shells may be used in such way that will have a direct link with the landscape of Cyprus. In terms of visual result whether images may be created that will have a link with the landscape as well a reference to the historic value (as a memory carrier, time referencing, collective memory etc) and whether a viewer will be able to recognize the connection between him/herself, the land and the almonds.

Up to this stage I have adopted a variety of different approaches and strategies. The basis is the product, and how this may be used as the medium in a variety of forms. I intent to continue doing this and pushing my research and experimentation with of the almond shells and hulls and to document the results.
The personal risks are a big question mark because most probably is through risks that you will get better results and develop your work further. I think that taking risks are a difficult part of a project because most of the times I do not get the results that I expect and I think that I have reached a dead end, which might indeed be the case or not. In past work I have used plexi glass, which I like as a medium and method of displaying/framing work, but from now on I would like to use it less and only when necessary – to push my self to adopt different ways of displaying.
When working with unfamiliar material the challenge is to “control” the medium. Also when doing a 3d-work the mechanics of construction are always a great challenge – it must not fall apart, be safe to hung or stand on its own.