• on Cezanne: “reached a point where self and landscape fold together and even fuse” (p.3), Wylie, J. (2007) Landscape , Oxon: Routledge
  • Merewether on Lauren Berkowitz (artist) “Is memory stored in everyday objects and, if so, do they form the historicity of a culture? Can we speak of art as a sensory experience of history – a world that creates and sustains our relationship to the historical?” (p.8) Merewether, Ch. (2001)  Lauren Berkowitz, Sydney: Craftsman House
  • P.J. Freud introduced the term of false memory syndrome to describe a condition under which a person builds his identity and relationships based on memories that have not actually occurred but believes that they have, and that these memories have formed his/her current condition (pp. 66-67)., McHugh, P.R. (2008) Try to remember: Psychiatry’s clash over meaning, memory and mind, New York/Washinghton D.C: Dana Press / Is the experience of first hand-nostalgic memories implied or is it experienced in a passive way? (p.71) Arizpe, L. and Amescua, Ch. (2013) Anthropological Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage, New York: Springer
  • Concept of “armchair nostalgia” which examines the desire to accumulate memory through the tourist’s consumption of folk objects belonging to the experience of others (p.78) Appadurai, A. (1996) Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota

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