Exploratory project / Week 7: Bibliography – Cy Twombly

http://www.tate.org.uk/research/publications/tate-papers/10/cy-twombly-humanist-upbringing   (accessed 10.03.2017)

(from point 32) The series, Poems to the Sea (imagebelow), of 1959, makes manifest Olson’s demand that humans must find their proper relation to nature and look to it for the principles of formation that ceaselessly advance from it. In 1957 Twombly described a ‘synthesis of feeling, intellect etc. occurring without separation in the impulse of action.As Olson would have liked, each image is a site of activity – of sensate energies transformed to intellection, then action. As a group, we see serial experimentation and a succession of phenomenological states. An open architecture of knowledge emerges – instinctual, emotional, abstract, logical – all formed from nature organically, if not always coherently or smoothly.

Cy Twombly
Poems to the Sea 1959


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