Exploratory project / Week 7: Bibliography

Andrew Horton, “The Master of Slow Cinema – Space and Time – Actual, Historical and Mythical – in the Films of Theo Angelopoulos”, Cineaste, Winter 2010, pages 23-27

  • The work of the film director Theo Angelopoulos/ Eternity and a Day – slow down, observe and listen – space as a continuous time/ the landscape becomes a character in the film (p.23)
  • Milan Kundera/ “why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared”/ “speed is the form of ecstasy the technical revolution has bestowed upon man”/ the resulting fragmentation of time also breaks up our experience of both place, wherever we are, and space, whether internal or external (p. 23)
  • … there is no dialogue, which enables us to focus completely on the remarkable panorama we see and experience in uninterrupted time” (p.25)
  • in Ulyses Gaze, the director shot the scenes in the actual places that the protagonist visited according to the plot (areas like the wartorn Sarajevo)  – the space becomes part of the narrative (p.25)
  • Eleni Karaindrou composed the soundtracks in most of Angelopoulos films
  • Eternity and a Day. (1998) Directed by Angelopoulos, Th. [DVD] Athens: Angelopoulos, Th., Heumann, E. and Silvagni, G.

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