Bibliography / Southern Thought

Franco Cassano, Southern Thought – and Other Essays on the Mediterranean, edited and translated Norma Bouchard and Valerio Ferme (New York: Fordham University Press, 2012)

p.xiii, “the South does not simply constitute an imperfect and incomplete stage of development, but rather a different way of seeing that aims at protecting its own autonomy vis-a-vis the developed world, while deconstructing a symbolic arrogance.

p.xvi: the author suggests that South is not only the Mediterranean but there are also other “souths” stretching form America to India

p.xxvii: “The South is much much more than a simple not-yet North, that it represents an autonomous and different point of view, and that today more than ever such autonomy enables us to gain a critical ¬†perspective on the direction that the world has taken in the era of globalisation and hegemonic liberalism. the South does not only represent the past but also offers useful suggestions for the future: it is another point of vie on the world, a voice that today, more than ever, we must learn to hear.”

p.xl: “identification progress with acceleration destroys forms of experience that are precious and indispensable to mankind.“, p.xliii: referencing Agnes Heller/ mentioning the damages that acceleration inflicts on social memory


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