I work in a landscape made rich by the people who have worked and framed. I can feel the presence of those who have gone before me. This puts my own life into context. My touch is the most recent layer of many layers that are embedded in the landscape which in turn will be covered by future layers – hidden out but always present”. p.7 Andy Goldsworthy, Time (London: Thames & Hudson, 2008).

My work is about medium and new process” – for Anatsui art should be made with materials from the artist’s immediate environment, p.103 Susan Mullin Vogel, El Anatsui – Art and Life (London: Prestel Verlag, 2012).201_2008_CCCR-469x351

Anatsui, El. Bleeding Takari II (2007) [Aluminum and copper wire, 393.7 x 576.6 cm, MoMa New York] At (accessed 10.05.2017)

I consider my works made in the landscape to be part of a body of work that is far more complex. for thirty years, i have built what i describe as a library of experience and place… I draw from this library to make connections to other disciplines; it also helps to create a context for different ways of looking nature, to explore the way systems in our bodies also exist in weather systems, river networks, and the formation of cells and galaxies. this investigation of both the microcosm and the macrocosm has brought about a dialogue with scientists, technicians, ecologists and communities of people. My art has eveolved through direct experiences, by looking at the world and by recognizing that I am part of it, not separate from it, and then by making meaningful connections. I act at the interface“.  p. 5, Ann M. Wolfe, Chris Drury – Mushrooms/Clouds (Chicago: The Centre for American Places  at Columbia College Chicago, 2008)


Drury, Ch. Mushroom Cloud (2010) [A mushroom cloud of over 6000 pieces of dried fungi slices, sealed in acrylic and suspended between a steel frame and the floor on nylon thread – lit from beneath] At (accessed 12.05.2017)


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