readings for writing workshop 2/3


Developing context

Based on the articles in, how the author has approached and presented/analysed the artists’ work

  1. Black is the Day Black is the Night
  • General background of the research area, the basis of the research: “writing from the prison is an art of literary resistance”
  • The process followed by the artist: exchanged letters with prisoners, tried to visualize their lives, considered the different meaning and significance of prison time
  • Reference as to what prison might means, reflects social concerns, supports this with references to literature work
  • Then goes into facts and statistics, what is the prisoners profile in terms of gender, age etc
  • Reference to a different meaning of the prison, not as a correctional environment but as a place where prisoners get mental support and prepare for the outside world
  • Then goes back to the artist’s work: relationship between prison time and photographic time
  • Comments on the work of the artist referencing text work of other authors
  1. Alex and Me
  • Here the author starts with a summary, what the work is about: a road trip and broken affair between the a man and a woman/ photographs
  • Visual description of the work
  • How the idea was conceived and how it was developed
  • Commenting on the work and making links with a film, Double Night
  • Summarizing
  1. Out of the Blue
  • Overview of the general research area/reported missing people making references and giving statistics and facts
  • Artist’s research area: creation of an identity for an invisible person
  • Starting point of the process: artist made personal contact with a family and collected photos and papers of the missing person
  • A description of the way the work was presented
  • An interview with the artist, giving a personal inside of the work, how the project was realized

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