readings for writing workshop 1/3

(Susan Hiller, “Theory and Art” in Thinking about Art (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1996)

p.105 ” quite a lot of the work that is being done now in art is highly theorized ahead of time. the artist tries to make the artwork conform to a given theory, to make it consistent, to tie it illustrationally to theory. this is its weakness.  Such an approach locates art as a second-order practice.”

p.105 Goethe: every fact is already a theory.” this means that every decision, every, unit, every object, is the result of a set of opinions, a world-view, and ultimately of theory. All art is grounded to theory, whether or not the artist can consciously articulate what it is. and even when the artist is articulate, the theory may be quite other than what s/he claims it is.

p.106 “like always, only time will tell which work, what kind of work, has staying power, what work has moved us towards a future … which of course can change over time, also, since there are many possible futures.”

p.227 “if you think about the narrative that the collections or assemblages of things make, the interesting thing is that there are always at least two possible stories: one is the story that the narrator, in this case the artist, thinks she is telling – the story teller’s story – and the other  is the story that listener is under – standing, or hearing, or imagining, on the basis of the same object.”


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