(clockwise: Cornelia Parker, Mass (Colder Darker Matter)( 1997), Dario Robleto, At War With The Entropy Of Nature/ Ghosts Don’t Always Want To Come Back (2002), Terry Winters, Graphic Primitive (1998))

From: Eleanor Heartney, Art & Today (London: Phaidon Press, 2008)

p. 51, Cornelia Parker’s objects, carriers of past lives, ordinary appearance with devastating history, they resemble archaeological handicrafts,  viewer relies on wall labels to discover previous existence, image above is a construction by remains of a church struck by lightening

p.51 Dario Robleto, political concerns through the poetry of objects, image above is a cassette  made from every bone in the human body mixed with trinitite, glass produced with sand that was fused together in the blast for an early atomic bomb test, tape is said to contain sounds from various actual battles.

p.70 Terry Winters, focuses on mutating patterns, moved from abstracted images inspired by nature to others based on technology, recall diagrams more than allusions to the natural world, resemble scientific systems / drawing on sources as diverse as architectural drawing, medical photography, models of molecular structure, and direct observation, these works suggest that human generated patters and systems, no less than natural ones, are subject to the processes of decay and regeneration.



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