Exploratory project /week 1: further research on the almonds project

  • Women making lace work, as a break from the collection of the almonds or during periods when the collection has finished and they are waiting for the next season.
  • Patiently waiting for the next collection day or season.
  • As means of concentration/ thinking/ relaxation.
  • At the same time making something useful (to wear) or decorative (for their house).
  • I will try to create ink sketches resembling the lace image.
  • Collecting almonds vs. making lace / “important” work vs. “unappreciated” work
  • Definition of negative space (and time) – shading the dark parts and creating the shapes using the ink pens.
  • Attributing importance to an aspect of the main activity/situation/subject matter which is not visible at first glance, that has a secondary role, but at the same time has a contributing role.

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