Notes on Les Bicknell’s seminar, Mapping the Territory of Research


(Gateway feature, Oxbridge Home Zone, design by Les Bicknell, 2003. Photo: Les Bicknell)

General questions:

  1. How do you know what to do next?
  2. When is it finished?
  3. How do you know?

Models/ways of working

  1. What is it that you do, make a list of things that you do as well as a list with things that you don’t do (Serra verb list)
  2. Finding your relationship to practice/making connections in relation to:
    1. Social
    2. Personal
    3. Historical
    4. Institutional
    5. Political
    6. Critical/theoretical
    7. Geographical
    8. cultural
  3. Observe and collect as a methodology
  4. Reflective practice – be curious of what you are doing – what do you like doing:
    1. Why do you make work?
    2. What do you want from your work
    3. What is your work for?
    4. What is your work about?
    5. Who is the audience?
    6. Where does the work go?
    7. What do you get from your work?
  5. Use of journal for:
    1. Recording (thoughts, ideas)
    2. Reflecting (to gain understanding)
    3. Analysis (to further learning)
    4. Concluding (setting out what you have thought about)
  6. Deciding on what the idea should be:
    1. Looking at what already exists
    2. Looking at the work of others
    3. Reflecting on your initial intention
    4. What is it for, where does it go, who is it for?

Ideation (the process of creating new ideas): define, research, idea, prototype, choose, implementation, learn

7. Practice driven and framed by theory, sometimes consciously and often in retrospect

It is important to get it out of your head, make diagrams or sketches or notes or modeling

How to use these:

  1. Write often
  2. Write down dates and times
  3. Write freely, without hesitation
  4. Write down stuff even if it is not relevant

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