Notes on Exposition and Context, lecture by Caroline Wright

  1. Why do I need to make a career out of what I do? What are my reasons for doing it?What are my needs? (money, recognition, validation, reaction?)
  2. What does my practice constitute? Where am I currently positions? Where would I like to be in several years’ time?
  3. What is a professional context for an artists working today?
  • Museums and galleries. Why do they look as they do? What do they set out? What do they cater for? Education? Entertainment? Edutainment?


  • Mediate art and articrafts mediated from an original context
  • Give those objects a narrative and frame
  • Cater for a particular audience
  • Provide education and entertain
  • Positioned politically and financially/ public, state owned or private
  • Are concerned with appropriation and consumption
  • Examples of Museums
    • National Gallery, London, the building itself makes you feel that art is important
    • Tate Modern, London, connected with commercialism
    • MoMa, New York, a very early addition to the art galleries (est. 1939)
    • Guggenheim, New York, a building which is a piece of art itself
    • Guggenheim, Bilbao
    • Louvre, Paris
    • Musee d’ Orsay, Paris
    • Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, East Anglia
    • Pitt Rivers M., Oxford, reflects locality and personality of the collector
  • Exhibition Idea
    • Select works:
  1. Negotiate loans 9institutions, private lender, third parties)
  2. Insurance (governmental indemnity, commercial)
  3. Transport
  4. Photography (archive for the future)
    • Publication (text and essays)
    • Realisation (designer, technical, conservational, curatorial, construction installation opening)
    • Marketing, Education and Events
  •  Beyond the Gallery
  1. The body as the site, Oh lover boy, by Franco B
  2. Guerrilla Girls, political art, where does this go, museum, gallery, on the web?
  3. Site specific work, Alison Lapper Pregnant, by Mark Quinn, Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square, 2002, debate around disability, motherhood, accepting one another, Earthwork, by Robert Smithson, visible from the air, who is the viewer, what is the artist’s intention, Icicle Star, by Andy Goldsworthy, temporary site specific
  4. Competitions and Prizes, eg. Turner Prize, artists become celebrities, what is success, fame, celebrity, showing work?
  • Why the institutions exist, why they have those collections, what are the viewers’ responses? Link this as to how I wish my work to be seen. What will I need to enable me to work?



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