form, frame, fracture


Form: a natural form which is identifiable as such, which is an object, which has a meaning to the viewer, that the viewer can relate to the form/shape just by looking at it and without having to have in mind any special information about the viewed form/shape apart from the visual image, no prior knowledge is required, the form is easily identifiable to the viewer or even the viewer might see a utilitarian use of this form in its everyday life.

Fracture: the fracture of the Form into various other forms and shapes through a process. This creates a variety of different forms and shapes. The immediate and directly identifiable link between the form and the viewer is terminated. The viewer can no longer make a direct link with the new fractured forms and shapes and as a consequence the viewer cannot relate to the new forms.

Frame: the relationship between the viewer and the Form is re-identified, re-generated and re-construct through the new fractured forms and shapes. The viewer will relate to the fractured forms but not in the direct way as it happened with the Form. This new link/relationship will be established and will be informed based on the past interaction of the viewer with the Form, with prior knowledge, memories and experience acting as the contributing factors to the shaping of this link.


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