form, frame, fracture

I chose this sequence of the words because my starting point for the project that I am currently working on is a specific form, that of the almond. I take the word form in its literal meaning, that of the physical form/shape of an object. As a product the almond‘s form comprises of three main elements, the shell, the hull and the nut. Each of them has a similar capsule-like form however they are made of different materials, with the inner part, the nut, being protected by harder materials, i.e. the shell and the hull. The nut is obtained by cracking the outer parts, which are useless and they then burned. So the fracture of the product’s initial form is a natural or necessary process which is followed in order to obtain the nuts. I am using these fractured remains, as a reference to a time line. They ended up in their current fractured form through a process and in this respect the fractured pieces serve as carriers of memories/history/experiences. My intention is to use the remains of this process, the cracked useless pieces, in order to inform the final work, the frame. The imprints of the fractured remains serve as references of time, memories as well as of the fast changing socio-economic international scene, as a starting point for viewer to reassess the current situation, however through the experiences and knowledge gained from the past. The initial sketches are based on the natural form of the almonds at the stage when they ready to be harvested. In the sketches that followed I loosened up the lines, shapes and forms of the initial sketch as a reference to the fractured forms of the almonds’ hulls and shells.


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