Presentation of Archive and Journal Research


The artist on Photosculptures: “the other day, tired from having spent hours polishing my Rolls-Royce in pink Portuguese marble, I sat in the sun and day-dreamed as I mechanically chew a gum. In shaping with my mouth odd-looking and bizarre forms, I suddenly realized what an extraordinary collection of abstract sculptures was moving between my teeth. One has only to photograph and enlarge my masticated creations in order to archive a sculptural presence. Chew well then. Look around you. Creation lies just between dreams and daily work.” (Alina Szapoczikow – Sculpture Undone 1955-1972, exhibition catalogue, curators Elena Filipovic and Joanna Mytkowska, New York, Museum of Modern Art, 2012, p.60)


Other sources (accessed 13/11/2016) (accessed 13/11/2016) (accessed 13/11/2016) (accessed 13/11/2016)


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