Notes from the materials/interviews on lecture “From Archive to Interview”

Thomas Schutte

  • On 4th Plinth

By Ossian Ward “I propose a proposal – everything is possible” (accessed 10/11/2016)

By Richard Dorment “a proposition/invitation to view and create an individual experience” (accessed 10/11/2016)

Louise Bourgeois

  • By Richard Dorment, in summary he says that her biography supports her work, invented confessional art (accessed 10/11/2016)

  • By Siri Hustvedt “my childhood has not lost its drama and magic”

The object and narrative in her work have become inseparable (accessed 10/11/2016)

Bobby Baker

  • Deals with contrasts of everyday life, how we treat our children or behave at supermarket resembles international relations/situations
  • She suffered from mental illness, spent years in day care , she exhibited the sketches she was doing during that period (accessed 10/11/2016)


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