Notes from the materials/interviews on Reflexive Practitioner lecture

(source: Interviews with James Aldridge, Christiane Baumgartner and Langlands and Bell in –James, N. (ed.)  (2010) Interviews – Artists 2 and in Patterns of Experience  (2012) CV/VAR Publishing)

Interview with James Aldridge

  • “Focused on process…was becoming intrigued by how you could describe something by the simplest means possible” (p.6)
  • “You may forget that it’s your contemporaries who go on and do things” (p.7)
  • “Things do seem to creep into the work, things that I am interested outside of art” (p.7)

Interview with Christiane Baumgartner

  • “more speed does not give us more time” (p.18)

Interview with Langlands & Bell

  • “we’ve always thought of our work as very participatory, our work is connected to real situations. A lot of our sculpture has a dual focus, which is both contemplative and utilitarian” (p.48)
  • (on what attracts them on a project) “to do something meaningful…to do something that it is connected to real events and people’s real concerns … the opportunity to work in a very beautiful building attracts us as well.” (p. 53)
  • “An artist has to make the most of a situation…can we turn this situation into something interesting, can we make something interesting out of this?” (p.53)

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